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Dodge City, Kansas - History 101

Dodge City, 150 miles west of Wichita, is perhaps the most famous of all America's cowtowns and is a popular tourist destination. One of the most notorious places on the Wild West frontier, Dodge City can be different if you come here still expecting a rip-roaring frontier town.

In its heyday, which lasted only 12 years, from 1872 when the railroad arrived until 1884, when the cattle drives were banned, Dodge City was without a doubt the capital of the Wild West. 100 million bison hides and 7 million head of cattle shipped out in that period alone. During that era, Dodge City was known as "Hell on the Plains," famous for its gunfights and general lawlessness.

Today the Boot Hill Cemetery, where the bad guys were buried with their boots on and the authentic replica of Front Street with the Long Branch Saloon are places to see while in town.

You will enjoy your visit to the "Cowboy Capitol of the world."